30 for 30 winter :: no. 3.

navy collared shirt: old navy
gray undershirt: liz lange maternity for target
woven belt: thrifted
brown pants: liz lange maternity for target
fake ugg boots: target
scarf: handmade by my gramma
hidden: thermal leggings and thigh high socks, both from target

it is still freezing. we ended up having a delayed start, but i am teaching today. the highest goal of this outfit was warmth. there are a couple layers you can't see because of that priority. my favorite thing about this ensemble is the scarf. my gramma made it for me from this super cool ribbon yarn, and it's totally my favorite thing.

a bit about what to expect in my remix:

we are required to wear solid tops with collars and solid bottoms to school. yes, a uniform(ish). because of this dress code, my outfits on tuesday, wednesday and thursday will be solid colors and include a collar of some sort. an open jacket (that stays on all day) over a solid-colored shirt is acceptable. sundays' and mondays' outfits will feature what i wore to church. i'm making friday my off day since school dress code that day is jeans and spirit shirts (tee or sweat). saturday will be for whatever happens to be going down that day. in addition, i have a couple of cute date outfits coming since landon's 31st birthday and valentine's day fall in the remix time frame. if i stay on track, i should complete the challenge on march 6.

i bought kendi's ebook about how to remix as well as read this great post over at work with what you've got (she used kendi's book, too) just as i was getting started this time around. while a tad tedious, the process kendi uses totally makes the 30 for 30 seem doable. i'm not as organized as kendi or erin (another fellow texan!), but i'm feeling a lot more confident than i did this summer. i'm actually going to make it.

30 item list tonight. pinky swear.

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