30 for 30 winter :: no. 21.

shirt: a.n.a. maternity via jcpenny
cardigan: old navy
gold belt: thrifted
skirt: target
teal bangle: thrifted
gold gypsy earrings: charming charlie

see? i can smile. and i look goofy. but goofiness aside, i wanted you to know i am not always super ticked off. :)

i wanted to wear this outfit with no shoes, hippy style. since wearing no shoes in public places is strongly frowned upon, i just took a photo of my bare, toe-nail-polishless feet looking dwarfish in ratio to my baby belly. i eventually put on my toms.

i'm not sure why it looks like i have crumbs on my belly in that last shot. i really don't think i do. but you never know...

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