30 for 30 winter :: no. 15.

shirt: f21
pants: liz lange maternity for target
shoes: toms, via whole foods
earrings: darlybird
bracelet: target

so calling this a "winter" remix while we're having 80-degree temps (and that's all the shows on the radar) seems kinda funny. and i don't wanna wear tights. or layers. but that was kind of why i chose what i did. 'cause i thought tights and layers would be involved.


houston, we have a problem.


  1. I know! I am stressing over the remainder of this remix. I picked layers, thinking it would be at least 50-60ish through March. I'm burning up today in my cardi. Ugh. Oh well, must endure!

    You look precious, by the way. Love the sexy heels and tights in the last post.


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