30 for 30 winter :: no. 22.

olive green top: liz lange maternity for target
brown pants: liz lange maternity for target
bird necklace: f21
shoes: toms, via whole foods

i'm not sure if i love this top or i feel like i'm wearing pajamas. maybe it's both. maybe i love it because it feels like i'm wearing pajamas. it is pretty shapeless, but i like the neck detail. the rest of this outfit is very...i'm-on-outfit-22-of-30-and-i'm-pregnant-like. regardless, i am definitely going to make it, and i'm excited to type out some lessons i've learned this 30 for 30. i feel like i'd choose my items SO much differently if i was choosing again today. i'm contemplating whether i'll be brave enough to attempt another remix this pregnancy. it'll be spring, and i'll be ginormous since i'm due june 27. can you include a rotation of sweat and yoga pants in a 30 for 30? no? oh. OK.

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