30 for 30 winter :: the picks (finally).

3 pairs of pants

4 pairs of shoes

2 dresses

5 jackets/cardigans

12 tops

2 skirts

1 wildcard
(per kendi's ebook suggestion)
(i'm still waiting to receive them, hence the stock photo)
(what? oh, yes! yes, those are my legs. i forgot.)

the breakdown
(click to see it larger)

part of the appeal of the remix is that it helps you figure out what you need (not just want) to add to your closet. looking at this list, i can already tell...i need more pants! i'm really not leaving out pairs. i really don't have many. maternity pants are just so annoying. it's really hard to find good ones. only two of those three pairs are maternity, even. the denim leggings are just super stretchy. while i won't buy until after march 6, i am officially hunting for a couple more pairs of good maternity pants.

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