30 for 30 winter :: no. 17.

gray shirt: gap maternity
jeans: gap maternity
clogs: sam & libby, via ross
necklace: target
ring: don't recall

this is me channeling the 70s if channeling the 70s were possible while wearing a maternity t-shirt from the gap. for real though, the flare jeans, clogs, chunky ring and hippy/native american-esque beaded necklace make me feel sorta flower child-like. i'm also digging the orange/turquoise combo of the jewelry. i made this necklace longer by adding another gold chain to it.

i rather like this outfit.

it was quickly abandoned for a cooler (as in temp, not awesomeness) college tee and flat loafers, however, when i had to whisk my oldest child off to the urgent care clinic because she rapidly developed a rash, high fever (103.6 at last check) and super sore, swollen throat. turns out she has strep and scarlet fever. yeah. i had the same reaction. "scarlet fever?! does that even exist anymore?!" apparently, it does. the good news is we caught it real fast and she is already taking an antibiotic and feeling much better.

oh, the life of a mom. the MOM always comes first. the WORE tends to be an after thought on most days. good thing i love the mom part, scarlet fever infections and all.

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  1. I especially like this outfit for some reason. Simple, relaxed, no fuss. And I'm quite irritated by your cute, little, nicely shaped bump. :)


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