holiday party 4::worn.

tonight was the staff christmas party at the church. it was a lovely time, and the 2nd of 4 parties this weekend, 4th of 7 (i think) total parties this season.

two words about this outfit: wrap dress. is there anything better? i think no.

OK, i think there are a few more words. first, my hair is parted down the center today. i can't decide if i love it or it's weird looking. second, i'm wearing the same tights from my last post, and i'm still madly in love with them. i want them in every color of the rainbow. still.

dress: liz lange maternity for target
tights: banana republic outlet
shoes: forever 21


sunday morning::worn.

i LOVE this dress. the neckline is high in the front and a little lower in the back. the hem hits in just the right spot above the knee. it's ponte knit. what could be better? i've had it and another black dress that i also love since my pregnancy with ellie, going on 4+ (!!!) years ago.

i am also in love with these tights. i bought them at the banana republic outlet in san marcos in october, and they are perfect. they are super soft and super opaque. i get annoyed with tights that are supposed to be opaque, but end up stretching and losing quite a bit of their opaque-ness. these, THE best. i want them in every color possible.

dress: liz lange maternity for target
cardigan: anthropologie
tights: banana republic outlet
belt: came with a shirt i bought at ross
purse: 9 west (from ross)
green glass bracelet: a1 market (sorta like a tiny sam moon)
shoes: forever 21


college graduation party::worn.

this afternoon, we attended our babysitter's college graduation party. as it turns out, i needed a jacket because it got quite cool between the time i was out this morning and when we left for the party. stinkin texas weather.

this shirt is from forever 21 and is working beautifully for my smallish baby bump right now. the braided tie (love) was meant to go through loops that i cut off down around the high hip area of the shirt. pregnant or not, that is not a good place for me to draw attention so i repositioned the belt to my liking. it's my fav.

these shoes are new. i had been looking for some clogs. when these sweeties were sitting on the shelf clearance shelf at ross for $11.99 i became the proud owner of a pair. they are fairly high, and wearing them with socks (or tights i'd also imagine) makes it hard to keep them on my feet.

oh, well. for $11.99 i will suffer.

top: forever 21
jeans: liz lange maternity for target
earrings: estate "giveaway"
clogs: ross

(the bath toys are a bonus.)

love these.

cute, no?


the season's first christmas party::worn.

tonight was the christmas coffee at the church. my MIL, SIL and i hosted a table where we served chicken spaghetti (so yummy) and chocolate truffle cheesecake with a ganache topping and white chocolate snowflake decoration. i made the cheesecake from a recipe in this month's southern living magazine. it was awesome. totally tasted like a truffle. the ganache was my favorite part. we had ganache on and in our wedding cake so it holds a special place in my heart. and my tummy. ha.

the dress was fairly casual tonight, but i did want to be a bit festive since it was a christmas party in the evening. sequins and skinny jeans did the trick. i bought these jeans on clearance at ross just yesterday. they are still a bit baggy, and i did quite a bit of pants hiking as a result. i can guarantee i will grow into them.

sequined top: pink for dillard's
ruffle neck cardigan: cato
skinny maternity jeans: ross
gray pumps: mia for dillard's
earrings: super clearance at charming charlie


what mom wore. for real.

news: i will be dressing a mom body for real for the next six months or so.

henry baby no. 3 will be making an appearance in june 2011.

dressing a mom body is challenging. dressing a maternity body is a different kind of challenging.
luckily, i'm up for the challenge. i like dressing a preggo belly. it's fun. i'm usually trying to hide my belly so it's liberating to flaunt it for a few months.

here's me this morning. going to work. i have to wear solid color pants in traditional colors (kahki, brown, black, navy, etc.) and collared shirts (button-up or polo) in solid colors. sweaters over the collar are acceptable as long as they are solid in color as well. wearing something i find cute is usually pretty rare, but i liked today's look. nothing here is maternity, and i'm getting close to having to break down and buy a few pieces that fit the work dress code.

collared tunic: ross
sweater: anne klein via macy's (scored it off-season for like 80% off. sweet.)
cords: old navy
necklace: from a bag of jewelry that a lady at the church gave to ellie to play with
toms: toms.com

little baby bump: mom & dad (tmi?)

the bleach spot has been there since 3 days after i got them.
holes are more recent.

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