what mom wore. for real.

news: i will be dressing a mom body for real for the next six months or so.

henry baby no. 3 will be making an appearance in june 2011.

dressing a mom body is challenging. dressing a maternity body is a different kind of challenging.
luckily, i'm up for the challenge. i like dressing a preggo belly. it's fun. i'm usually trying to hide my belly so it's liberating to flaunt it for a few months.

here's me this morning. going to work. i have to wear solid color pants in traditional colors (kahki, brown, black, navy, etc.) and collared shirts (button-up or polo) in solid colors. sweaters over the collar are acceptable as long as they are solid in color as well. wearing something i find cute is usually pretty rare, but i liked today's look. nothing here is maternity, and i'm getting close to having to break down and buy a few pieces that fit the work dress code.

collared tunic: ross
sweater: anne klein via macy's (scored it off-season for like 80% off. sweet.)
cords: old navy
necklace: from a bag of jewelry that a lady at the church gave to ellie to play with
toms: toms.com

little baby bump: mom & dad (tmi?)

the bleach spot has been there since 3 days after i got them.
holes are more recent.

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  1. You are absolutely adorable. Radiant, beautiful Momma! So very happy for you and Landon! Congratulations!


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