i'm 28, and this is the first summer i'll wear shorts with confidence.

it is 91 degrees in west texas today. NINETY-ONE, people. it's february 27.

it is also windy as all get out. a sign, as my mother-in-law reminded me, that spring is coming. "march is in like a lion, out like a lamb, remember? the wind's got to blow to bend the trees. that brings the sap and gets them to bud," she said.

my mother-in-law is so smart. i just wanted to whine about the wind.

so although most everything is still brown and dead for the time being, the warm temperatures have this pregnant lady breaking out the shorts. as i walked in the door a couple hours ago, i stripped off my church clothes and immediately threw on shorts and a tee shirt. (winter remix or no winter remix, i'm gonna have to clean the house and lounge in shorts. that's just all there is to it.)

i wore shorts yesterday too, as a matter of fact. to a birthday party. and i felt cute.

that there, people, is a noteworthy little sentence. i felt cute.

i can't remember the last time i felt cute in shorts. really.

i weigh (give or take) 30 pounds more than i did in high school (and will add to that significantly this summer with baby 3 in utero), and i never wore shorts in high school. i wore skimpy little tops (ahem) and jeans all summer long. JEANS. i specifically remember being ridiculously hot. but no matter, i thought my legs were ugly in shorts.

oh, high school self. you silly, silly girl.

the point i'm trying to make is that it has probably been a good 15+ years since i have felt cute in shorts. and it's not thanks to some great diet and exercise plan that's left me with supermodel legs (impossible). nope, these legs aren't nearly as pretty as they were a decade and a half ago.

it's because of a perspective change.

becoming a mom and a wife and, more specifically and most especially, an avid follower of Jesus over the past five years or so has given me a new perspective.

glossy magazine images of new things and perfect bodies are art, i admit. but they are not real life. they are tiny snapshots of perfectly styled moments which people wielding photoshop are being paid to produce. they are beautiful, no doubt, and i love looking at them. but they are not real.

real beauty is my husband's affectionate glance even when i haven't showered all day. real beauty is bruises and scrapes earned from climbing trees in the summer sun. real beauty is the marred farm table i ate at as a child that i type from now.

real beauty is wearing shorts when it's hot because my focus is not on whether my legs look perfect, but what is most appropriate to wear to be comfortable enough to make memories with my family.

real beauty is not longing for what is not, but realizing the blessings that surround me at every turn, given graciously by the One who knows every inch of my legs intimately because He created them.

i am not against taking care of your body or promoting accepting unhealthy habits (goodness knows i have many) as unchangeable. but i am against being in bondage to negative thoughts about the body i have, the body that was made for me.

so i'll wear shorts all summer. sure i'll feel moody and large when baby 3 is close to making her appearance. but i refuse to repeatedly beat myself up because i don't look like i stepped from the cover of vogue.

i have far too many better things on which to spend time and energy. and it's way too hot.

a brief interruption.

due to the mysterious disappearance of my cell phone, the photo documentation of the remix has been interrupted. i am hopeful i will find it soon. (please, oh, please.) i would take photos with my regular camera (novel idea..), but that cord is in my husband's suburban. he is currently on his way back from dallas. i WILL finish this 30 for 30! even if i have to get my 4-year-old to sketch the ensembles and scan them in! (that might be kind of cool, actually...)


30 for 30 winter :: no. 23.

polo: old navy
cardigan: f21
denim leggings: target
earrings: handmade gift from a friend
gray leather wrap bracelet/glass bead: gift from landon, pandora
shoes (not shown): toms, via whole foods

i am very interested in the item count i plan on doing at the end of this remix. reason: i want to see how many days i managed to work this striped cardigan in. honestly, what did i wear before this cardigan?!

hooray for spirit day!

because i don't care how fashionable you are...
...wearing a t-shirt and jeans is awesome sometimes.
(even more awesome is that today is a half-day at school!)

t-shirt: tlca
capris: motherhood maternity
fleece jacket: old navy

go eagles!


30 for 30 winter :: no. 22.

olive green top: liz lange maternity for target
brown pants: liz lange maternity for target
bird necklace: f21
shoes: toms, via whole foods

i'm not sure if i love this top or i feel like i'm wearing pajamas. maybe it's both. maybe i love it because it feels like i'm wearing pajamas. it is pretty shapeless, but i like the neck detail. the rest of this outfit is very...i'm-on-outfit-22-of-30-and-i'm-pregnant-like. regardless, i am definitely going to make it, and i'm excited to type out some lessons i've learned this 30 for 30. i feel like i'd choose my items SO much differently if i was choosing again today. i'm contemplating whether i'll be brave enough to attempt another remix this pregnancy. it'll be spring, and i'll be ginormous since i'm due june 27. can you include a rotation of sweat and yoga pants in a 30 for 30? no? oh. OK.


30 for 30 winter :: no. 21.

shirt: a.n.a. maternity via jcpenny
cardigan: old navy
gold belt: thrifted
skirt: target
teal bangle: thrifted
gold gypsy earrings: charming charlie

see? i can smile. and i look goofy. but goofiness aside, i wanted you to know i am not always super ticked off. :)

i wanted to wear this outfit with no shoes, hippy style. since wearing no shoes in public places is strongly frowned upon, i just took a photo of my bare, toe-nail-polishless feet looking dwarfish in ratio to my baby belly. i eventually put on my toms.

i'm not sure why it looks like i have crumbs on my belly in that last shot. i really don't think i do. but you never know...

seventeen through twenty.

::click image to enlarge::


30 for 30 winter :: no. 20.

sweater: target
shirt: f21
pants: liz lange maternity for target
shoes: toms, via whole foods
headband: etsy

this is what i look like after waking up at 5 a.m. to finish grading essays before grades are due at 8 a.m. and i really am a happy person. but i feel silly when i smile in cell phone self-portraits so...i don't. i promise i'm not ticked off all the time, though. i am sleepy often. but not ticked off.

two-thirds of the way there.


30 for 30 winter :: no. 19.

dress: nordstrom
pencil skirt: jcpenny
striped cardigan: f21
boots: target
earrings: don't recall
necklace: gift from mom

yes. i have the whitest legs in all the land. i figure they aren't gonna improve unless i let them out into the daylight, right? for the time being, you'll just have to be blinded.

this dress is one i would wear to some occasions (date, concert, backyard bbq) on it's own, but for others, it is too short. tonight, i lengthened it by wearing a pencil skirt underneath. it created an interesting block sort of look that i'm pretty sure i liked.

i did another necklace extension by adding a chain to this beaded number. i think i like necklaces landing longer on my preggo belly these days, hence my necklace extension frequency.

OK. i'm sleepy. i'm saying silly things. going to bed. tomorrow marks two-thirds of the way done with this remix. i miss my shoes.


30 for 30 winter :: no. 18.

shirt: f21
dress (as skirt): a.n.a maternity via jcpenny
necklace: don't recall
glass bangles: a1 asian market
shoes: toms via whole foods

i wore this to stay home from church with a sick child, go to a meeting with my doula, take the kids to subway for dinner and go to a leadership meeting at the church. it was quite comfy and cool for the warm afternoon. i feel like the transition from the shirt to the "skirt" is kind of awkward though. maybe a belt was needed? i dunno. i was just glad to have a "skirt" in my remix that isn't my form-fitting pencil skirt. note to self: include more skirts in the next 30 for 30.


30 for 30 winter :: no. 17.

gray shirt: gap maternity
jeans: gap maternity
clogs: sam & libby, via ross
necklace: target
ring: don't recall

this is me channeling the 70s if channeling the 70s were possible while wearing a maternity t-shirt from the gap. for real though, the flare jeans, clogs, chunky ring and hippy/native american-esque beaded necklace make me feel sorta flower child-like. i'm also digging the orange/turquoise combo of the jewelry. i made this necklace longer by adding another gold chain to it.

i rather like this outfit.

it was quickly abandoned for a cooler (as in temp, not awesomeness) college tee and flat loafers, however, when i had to whisk my oldest child off to the urgent care clinic because she rapidly developed a rash, high fever (103.6 at last check) and super sore, swollen throat. turns out she has strep and scarlet fever. yeah. i had the same reaction. "scarlet fever?! does that even exist anymore?!" apparently, it does. the good news is we caught it real fast and she is already taking an antibiotic and feeling much better.

oh, the life of a mom. the MOM always comes first. the WORE tends to be an after thought on most days. good thing i love the mom part, scarlet fever infections and all.


eleven through sixteen.

::click photos to enlarge::

i'm finding that i'm much more impressed with my remix outfits when i see them in a recap like
this. i really am making outfits! different ones! that people are likely not recognizing as being made from 30 pieces! and they are fairly cute!

pretty cool.

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