30 for 30 winter :: no. 19.

dress: nordstrom
pencil skirt: jcpenny
striped cardigan: f21
boots: target
earrings: don't recall
necklace: gift from mom

yes. i have the whitest legs in all the land. i figure they aren't gonna improve unless i let them out into the daylight, right? for the time being, you'll just have to be blinded.

this dress is one i would wear to some occasions (date, concert, backyard bbq) on it's own, but for others, it is too short. tonight, i lengthened it by wearing a pencil skirt underneath. it created an interesting block sort of look that i'm pretty sure i liked.

i did another necklace extension by adding a chain to this beaded number. i think i like necklaces landing longer on my preggo belly these days, hence my necklace extension frequency.

OK. i'm sleepy. i'm saying silly things. going to bed. tomorrow marks two-thirds of the way done with this remix. i miss my shoes.

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