30 for 30 winter :: no. 11.

top: hand-me-down, a.n.a. maternity
denim leggings: target
cardigan: old navy
scarf: j.crew
boots: target

oh, look! another top+cardigan+scarf+skinny jeans+boots combo! how original! (detect great sarcasm here.)

i need help. i feel like i can't come up with anything interesting that doesn't involve a variation on this theme. maybe i just need some sweethearts and a bath. yes. i think that would help. maybe a good soak will help me think of a more interesting remix. or...i might fall asleep.

while i'm soaking, if there's anyone out there, can you think of any combos from my 30 that would be more creative? i need a boost. or at the very least, a weekend.

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  1. I REALLY like this outfit. I think your theme is similar to alot of peope's right now, so dont knock it. How about trying some necklaces instead of scarves? Or belting things under your cardigans, or wearing long sleeve under short? I know you've probably done this stuff before... It's hard to dress a preggers belly and I think you've looked super fashionable and cute all along. Dont knock it, woman!


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