30 for 30: no. 6.

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multi floral tee: target ($2.50!)
grey pinstriped tank dress: ross
white and silver stud sandals: ross
brown cinch belt: old navy
white watch: target

the shirt under this dress is a total dorky mom shirt. it's too wide. it's too short. but it was two-dollars-and-fifty-cents! and the print is cute in a dorky mom sorta way. so i vowed to make it work. this is my first attempt. funny thing, i saw a friend of mine who works at target while wearing this today. she just so happened to be working the night i bought it and was my cashier. she said, "two ladies before you bought this." i said, "they were dorky mom-types, weren't they?" she said, "yes. and i totally wondered how you'd wear it. belted under a blazer maybe? i didn't think of a dress. very cute." i love you, tracie.


30 for 30: no. 5.

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purple ruffle dress: ross
black ruffle cardigan: cato
denim leggings: target
black cinch belt: off of a shirt from ross
necklace: gift from my sister-in-law
rain boots: target

so i cheated today. i wore my rain boots all day. they are not a part of my 30 items. but i was supposed to have a garage sale this morning, and it got rained out because it's been POURING RAIN FOR DAYS. so i got dressed and left the house to try to cheer myself up. none of the open-toed and/or silk/suede(ish) shoes i have in my 30 were not gonna work for the standing water all over town so i think i can get an exception.

this dress is several inches longer than it appears today. i hiked it up using my belt because i thought shorter was better with my leggings. i like it.

this necklace was a birthday gift from my sister-in-law who had it custom-made for me. my daughter and husband have birthdays in february which are represented by the purple stripes in the pendant. amethyst (purple) is february's birthstone. my son's birthday is in august and is represented by the green stripe. peridot (green) is august's birthstone. it is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry. truly unique.


30 for 30: no. 4.

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ivory swiss dot top: loft
white tank: target
eagle necklace: free from a church member
multi floral skirt: target
woven belt: thrifted via glamourama
gold ruffle sandal: target

this shirt was the first non-maternity item i bought after i had my first child 3.5 years ago. it made me so happy to not be wearing something made for a pregnant woman, and i felt lovely in it. it's a bit big for me now, but i love it so i keep wearing it. i'm not really sure it works tucked in here. what do you think? the eagle necklace is totally rad. i got it, along with a whole bag full of costume jewelry, from a church member. her mother-in-law died, and she was giving away some of her stuff. more pieces from that score to come in future outfits.


i'm feeling the need to offer some details about my 30 items so everyone (all 3 of you) knows i'm not cheating. here's my list:

1.) green & yellow & black floral maxi dress (jc penny)
2.) purple ruffle dress (ross)
3.) grey pinstripe tank dress (ross)
4.) pink box pleat dress (thrifted, target)
5.) yellow flutter-sleeve top (walmart)
6.) tribal top (ross)
7.) black tunic (old navy)
8.) purple floral top (target)
9.) multi floral top (target)
10.) ivory swiss dot top (loft)
11.) sequin art tee (j.crew)
12.) grey microrib tank (target)
13.) white microrib tank (target)
14.) black and white pattern skirt (target)
15.) multi floral skirt (target)
16.) denim pencil skirt (old navy)
17.) brown knit skirt (target)
18.) denim shorts (target)
19.) cutoff denim walking shorts (ross)
20.) denim leggings (target)
21.) forever skinny jeans (gap)
22.) grey pinstripe dress pants (gap)
23.) NYDJ boot cut jeans (dillard's)
24.) coral cardigan (target)
25.) black ruffle cardigan (cato)
26.) yellow wedges (???)
27.) purple ruffle flats (target)
28.) lavender cutout wedges (target)
29.) gold ruffle sandals (target)
30.) white & silver stud sandals (ross)

if i weren't on a shopping ban...

...i would buy these shoes. all from target. swoon.


30 for 30: no. 3.

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organic, yellow-striped, flutter-sleeve, flower-embroidered top: walmart ($5!)
white tank: target
denim leggings: target
lavender cutout wedges: target
ginkgo leaf ring: etsy (esdesigns)
floral tote: liberty of london for target
bangles: charming charlie's and ?

you love my mile-long description for this top, don't you? the stripe is so tiny that i didn't even notice it until i wore the shirt outside for the first time. i tried to get a detail shot so you could see. don't know if it worked. there are two things i love most about this outfit: the shoes and the ring. i love these shoes so much. the color is fab, and they are crazy comfortable. great heels for the mommy set. easy to chase toddlers in. they come in black and blue and tan. if i found them on sale, i'd have to buy one of each color. the ring was a christmas gift from my husband. it's so delicate and beautiful, and i have a favorite poem about ginkgo trees. it is my most favorite ring ever. love love love.


30 for 30: no. 2.

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purple floral print top: target
stretchy knit brown skirt: target
gold ruffle sandals: target
purple bangle: thrifted via glamourama

wow. an all target outfit. not surprising, really. shopping choices are limited around these parts, and i'm addicted to target. my favorite thing about this shirt (besides the lovely print) is the v-back and the zipper. you can't really see the zipper, but it's there. i didn't take a full length shot because i really am wearing the yoga pant of skirts. it rolls over at the top and everything. i took my 3-year-old to art camp this morning (read: glue everywhere), have bible study over lunch and will be running errands/cleaning the rest of the day. it's a yoga-pant-skirt kind of a day.


30 for 30: no. 1.

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black tunic: old navy
black and white print tulip skirt: target
yellow wedges: mia, on clearance for $7 from somewhere i have forgotten the name of
chain and bead bracelet: no idea

and so it begins! here is my first outfit for the kendi everyday 30 for 30 remix challenge. this is the first time i've worn this skirt, and i'm sorta nervous about finding very many ways to re-wear it given it's bold print. we shall see. i like the tunic tucked into it because it gives it a nice blouse-y effect. i am a bit worried that wearing black and yellow automatically reads bumble bee, but i risked it.

30 for 30: the goods.

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today marks day 1 of the 30 for 30 remix challenge hosted by kendi everyday. kendi is an unbelievably adorable fellow texan, and is the fashion blogger to whom i'm most loyal. her photos are to-die-for good, but i think her hilariously sarcastic commentary is what keeps me coming back.

the basic gist of the challenge is that you choose 30 items from your closet to remix into different combinations for 30 days. kendi says accessories like jewelry, belts and scarves don't count, and i refuse to argue.

when i first started picking my items, 30 seemed like a lot. then i hung them all together. it looks like a very small amount of clothes for an entire month. but, that's why it's a challenge, right? along with the remix challenge is a challenge to abstain from shopping for 30 days. that will be nothing but good for my bank account. additional bonus: way less laundry.

below is some evidence that i have selected 30 things from my wardrobe. i decided not to do more detailed photographs because 1.) it takes too long and 2.) you'll see each piece many times over the next 30 days!

first outfit coming up later tonight.

wish me luck!

here are my choices.

4 dresses
4 skirts
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of denim leggings
1 pair of dress pants
2 tank tops
7 tops
1 cardigan
1 jacket
5 pairs of shoes


big city shopping.

ellie and i are in san antonio at my dad's, and today we went shopping. i do shop at home, but i get my best work done when in the "big" city. above are most of the things i bought today. all on great sale, of course. i shopped at the gap, baby gap, j.crew, express and crazy 8. there isn't anything shown from express because it was all super clearance and there aren't any photos online. i also got a super great red studded skinny belt at the gap for $3 that isn't pictured online. then there are a couple of gifts that i don't wanna give away. i am most excited about the "forever skinny" gap jeans because they have a just-high-enough rise for a belly that's given birth to two babies. also pumped about the essie nail polish in "jazz" that i bought at j.crew. i wanted that mushroom-y color when i got my nails done last, but the salon didn't have anything close. so, when i saw this i snatched it right up.

sunday morning::worn.

shirt: ross
jacket: miley cyrus & max azaria for walmart ($5!)
grey pinstriped cropped pants: gap
wedges: target

one month between outfits. wow. i promise i have been wearing clothes this whole time. heh. there's just been some traveling and whatnot that has left me without time to play with clothes as much. i purposefully tried mixing patterns here, and i received several compliments at church so i think it worked out pretty well. i am IN LOVE with this jacket. i would wear it with more, but it's too dang hot unless i'm sitting very still inside in front of the a/c vent.

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