30 for 30: no. 2.

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purple floral print top: target
stretchy knit brown skirt: target
gold ruffle sandals: target
purple bangle: thrifted via glamourama

wow. an all target outfit. not surprising, really. shopping choices are limited around these parts, and i'm addicted to target. my favorite thing about this shirt (besides the lovely print) is the v-back and the zipper. you can't really see the zipper, but it's there. i didn't take a full length shot because i really am wearing the yoga pant of skirts. it rolls over at the top and everything. i took my 3-year-old to art camp this morning (read: glue everywhere), have bible study over lunch and will be running errands/cleaning the rest of the day. it's a yoga-pant-skirt kind of a day.


  1. What a pretty top! I never go to target. I never seem to be located near one. I always see the cutest stuff from there in the blogosphere though...

  2. Target is amazing! I think their shoes are the comfiest. I never really thought of my town as being super limited when it comes to clothing stores, but one thing we don't have is an H&M. If they would just start an online store I would give them so much of my money! :)


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