30 for 30: no. 6.

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multi floral tee: target ($2.50!)
grey pinstriped tank dress: ross
white and silver stud sandals: ross
brown cinch belt: old navy
white watch: target

the shirt under this dress is a total dorky mom shirt. it's too wide. it's too short. but it was two-dollars-and-fifty-cents! and the print is cute in a dorky mom sorta way. so i vowed to make it work. this is my first attempt. funny thing, i saw a friend of mine who works at target while wearing this today. she just so happened to be working the night i bought it and was my cashier. she said, "two ladies before you bought this." i said, "they were dorky mom-types, weren't they?" she said, "yes. and i totally wondered how you'd wear it. belted under a blazer maybe? i didn't think of a dress. very cute." i love you, tracie.


  1. I really like this outfit a lot. I am obsessed with Target, especially their clearance racks, and I also love Ross. Great remixing so far! :)



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