30 for 30 winter :: no. 4.

gray maternity shirt: hand-me-down
black cardigan: old navy
gray ruffle skirt: target
black motorcycle boots: target
knit hat: banana republic outlet
blue scarf: thrifted

um. it's still really cold. as in, two-foot-icicles-STILL-hanging-off-the-house cold. it didn't get above 20 degrees. it snow flurried all day. it's supposed to snow again tonight. is this still texas? or did i unknowingly move further north? i wore this hat and scarf all day -- while teaching in my classroom -- so i thought they needed to stay on for the outfit photos. at least baby is good and warm in there.


  1. love the hat and scarf :)

  2. Love the scarf and hat too! It really makes the outfit :)


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