30 for 30 winter :: no. 7 (+ a swap).

mustard & brown mod print top: hand-me-down, motherhood maternity
denim leggings: target
clogs: sam & libby via ross
earrings: ?

i had on this very complex outfit this morning that i stripped off at the last minute in favor of this simple mix. for some reason, because we're remixing, i feel i'm cheating if i just wear a top with jeans. the first thing i had on had layers and tights and a slip and everything was belted and...i was hot. i'm all for layers and funky combos, but sometimes all i want is jeans and a top. and since the 30 for 30 remix is about making outfits YOU like from YOUR existing closet, i figure no one is going to kick me out for only using 3 items. ...right?

on that note, i replaced my denim blazer (not yet worn in the remix) with these brown clogs. i was already missing a brown pair of shoes plus every time i tried that blazer on it just didn't look right. something about it being a small and me being pregnant and not...small. so, a swap has taken place. you have been duly notified. i think i reserve the right to swap things as necessary since i am GROWING daily throughout this challenge. ...right?

please excuse my puffy cry face in these photos. i took them after church and therefore after i cried at the great sermon. :)

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