30 for 30 winter :: no. 30.

gray sleeveless maternity top: hand-me-down
black knit blazer: old navy
jeans: gap maternity
belt: thrifted
earrings: target
booties: f21

wooohooo!!! i made it! thirty whole outfits! the last few days were a bit precarious, but i made it. i have a wrap-up post coming, but i'll say now that this was definitely challenging as a growing pregnant lady. several things that fit great at the beginning of the remix are not fitting so great at the end. i had quite a few pieces that aren't maternity, and most of those have been lovingly placed in the to-wear-after-baby-comes box. not to mention, the temperatures ranged from 12 degrees to 90 degrees in the span of 30 outfits. though i didn't always feel like a million bucks at the time in these outfits, there are only maybe one or two that i look back at in pictures and really dislike.

i'm proud!

now, the question is whether i'll start slacking in the clothes department (and style blog department) for the rest of this pregnancy since i'm off the remix hook. we shall see.

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  1. The bathtub pose made me a little nervous... but you look as cute as a button.


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