date night::inspiration.

grey knit dress: gap
brown knit skirt: target
brown cinch belt: old navy
copper "circles" cuff: a friend's jewelry party
plastic turquoise ring: some shop in san antonio
rose-colored, cut-out wedges: target

i am IN LOVE with this outfit. mostly, i think, because i have had this grey gap dress for years and could not figure out how to wear it. it always clings weird to my butt, but (butt but, ha) i never give it away because i figure i'll get skinner, and i'll wanna wear it. ahem... on a whim, i pulled this skirt up over it, and it turns into a cool-looking peasant shirt with a belted, high-waisted skirt. i also love that a little bit of the grey sticks out from the bottom of the brown. i even like the grey tie hanging down in the back. oh, and i adore these shoes. so cute and SO comfy. clearly, i can't wait to wear this one.


  1. I had to stop by from Kendi's! And have to say, youhave the cutest style, don't worry about the photos, they'll get better, you should definitely pursue this I think you have great style :)

  2. CUTE outfit! I love the color of that top paired with your belt :)

    I added you to the list! SO Sorry I overlooked your link. I can not wait to see the remixing.

    Thanks for joining in! Kendi


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